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Individual, Child, and Family Therapy
Therapy is easiest to understand when thought of as a way to create change. Using accepted techniques, and a theoretical construct of personality and behavior we work together to achieve insight and integrate a sense of self. In high conflict family cases, a co-therapist model is used as an integrated early intervention. 
Therapeutic Supervised Parenting Time
On occasions the court will order a parent’s time to be supervised by a professional. I have a swift intake process involving both parents. Each session involves  parenting education and therapeutic discussion. 
Decision Making and Arbitration
Each of these roles involves someone helping families struggling with high conflict to keep moving towards a more peaceful future, by making quick decisions over issues that are causing road blocks. Neither of these roles can be court ordered, but if the parties agree to having a Decision Maker or Arbiter, these roles are governed by C.R.S. 14 10 128.3 and 14 10 128.5.
Parental Responsibilities Evaluations
A Parental Responsibilities Evaluation is ordered by the court, pursuant to C.R.S.14 10 127, and is a psychological evaluation of the parents and children, and an assessment of the functioning of their family system using forensic interviews, testing, parent-child interactional assessments, and ancillary information. A report is prepared and filed with the court which will include recommendations to bring change to the family, including decision making and parenting time proposals. 
Therapeutic Reintegration Services
Where a parent and child are separated or estranged for a period of time, therapeutic integration reunites the family, provides a safe arena for discussion of the problems that family has experienced and ensures that the reintroduction takes place in a manner adapted to the age and developmental level of the child. It is helpful if the reintegration services are confirmed by court order.
Mediation and Evaluative Mediation
The mediation process involves a neutral and impartial professional assisting the parties in identifying needs, clarifying issues, thinking flexibly and creating agreements that work for all parties. If asked to evaluate a case I use my extensive experience with the courts and domestic process to provide a view of the likely outcome should the case proceed to court.