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 Jane Irvine MA, LPC, NCC.

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Current practice

Jane Irvine is a Psychotherapist, Board Certified Counselor, Mediator, and former English Family Lawyer with over 35 yrs. experience in Domestic Relations cases.   She obtained her early qualifications in law and then trained in mediation. On relocating to Colorado over twenty years ago, she completed mediation training with C.D.R. Associates, trained as a CASA,  volunteered with CASA, and trained new CASA volunteers for 5 years. She began receiving appointments as an independent Special Advocate (CFI) not long after the introduction of CRS 14 10 116b. Jane has represented children of all ages in many high conflict cases as Special Advocate (CFI) in which she has made parenting time recommendations to the court and now provides PREs in conjuction with Barbara Shindell, LCSW. She is acknowledged as an expert witness in Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson Courts on Relocation, Reunification (Reintegration) Therapy, Child Development, and Therapy with Children. She is the author of “Connecting with your Kids,” is published in the Family Law Journal, and the 2011 Colorado Domestic Violence Bench Book.  Jane designed the Parent/teen mediation training program for the Colorado Restorative Justice Program and has taught Mediation at the University of Denver. In addition, she chaired the Attorney Mediator Dialogue for 6 years, worked with the State Court Administrators Office to create the interactive training “Stepping up to Juvenile Court”, the Office of the Child’s Representative to assist in the creation of their interactive trainings and contracted with Douglas County Youth Initiative to assist in the launch of Douglas County Wraparound, an intervention program for families and teenagers. Jane also worked for the 18th Judicial District, Douglas and Elbert Counties as Family Court Facilitator while obtaining her degree in Clinical Counseling. Jane was recognized by UNC for her clinical skills and compassion when she graduated in 2010; and recognized by the 18th Judicial District as a Peak Performer. Jane has been granted her license as a Professional Counselor, is certified by NBCC as a counselor, and certified as an EMDR Therapist.  Jane co-teaches the Reunification Therapy Education and Consultation Class with Dr. Darr and Barbara Shindell. Jane has done numerous presentations through the State of Colorado to mediators, lawyers, Judges, and therapists.   Jane currently accepts individual, family systems and parent-child therapy cases, is certified in EMDR therapy, provides Evaluative Mediation, Decision Maker services, and she provides PREs with Barbara Shindell.  


Educational Video Production

CBA/DBA contract How To Do Your Own Divorce – Executive Producer CBA/CWBA contract Spanish How To Do Your Own Divorce  – Executive Producer CMF An Introduction to Mediation – Executive Producer Z-Axis – Producer and Associate Producer of Courtroom Graphics FieldSteet Media – producing videos, interactive presentations and court room graphics in USA and UK  



Connecting with your Kids (a guide to the establishment, modification and enforcement of parenting time in Colorado) – Foundation for Families and Children 1999  

Parental Responsibility versus Custody: The Linguistic Precipitation of Conflict American Journal of Family Law, Fall 1997   A.R. Arkin, J.A. Irvine, Chapter 4, Domestic Relations, How Domestic Violence Affects Dissolution Actions, Pp. 120 – 138

COLORADO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BENCH BOOK (2011).   (for a full schedule of all publications please telephone)


Lecturer Adjunct Professor/Instructor  

  • University of Denver College of Law, Advanced Family Law Practicum with Judge A. R. Arkin
  • University of Denver University College ADR faculty teaching mediation, and family mediation and other subjects as part of the ADR Program.
  • In U.K. for Oxford University College of Further Education, Oxford, England – providing continuing education in Family Law and presenting the concept of Alternative Dispute Resolution ( A.D.R. )
  • Education Member of the SFLA for Southern England training all area family lawyers.


Presentations   (In the USA)

  • 2021 CBA Spring FLI: Children and Therapy with Hon. A Arkin (Ret) and Ann Gushurst, Esq.
  • 2021 Turelli Foundation: Interviewing Children
  • 2020 ABBA: Therapeutic Options for High Conflict with Dr. K J Darr.
  • 2020 AAML: Privilege Quagmires for Attorneys and Judicial Officers Working with Therapists in High Conflict Divorce with Hon. A Arkin ( Ret) and Carrie Challie Eckstein, Esq.
  • 2020 DR Judicial Conference: Attachment, Reunification, Estrangement and  Relocation with Dr. K J Darr.
  • 2020 MDIC: Reunification Therapy: A Healing Conversation with Dr. K J Darr and Barbara Shindell LCSW.
  • 2019 FLI High Conflict Alienation and Family Repair with Dr. K.J. Darr and Barbara Shindell
  • 2019 A Dynamic and Underused Intervention: Parent Child Interactionals with Courtney McConomy Esq. and Megan Sherr Esq.
  • 2019 CO AFCC North: The Elephant in the Room; Resistant Teenagers and Parenting Time Orders with Courtney McConomy Esq. and Megan Sherr Esq.
  • 2019 DR Judicial Institute: Interviewing Children with Dr. K. McNamara, High Conflict Alienation and Family Repair with Dr. K.J. Darr and Barbara Shindell; The 800 Pound Gorilla and Enforcement of Parenting Time with Judge Arkin (Ret) and Gina Weitzencorn Esq.
  • 2019 MDIC The Elephant in the Room; Resistant Teenagers and Parenting Time Orders with Courtney McConomy Esq. and Megan Sherr Esq.
  • 2019 COAFCC South: Caught in the Web, with Chat Gillam, Esq.
  • 2019 COAFCC Stories From the Trenches: High Conflict, Alienation, and Family Repair with Dr. K.J. Darr and Barbara Shindell
  • 2018 DR Judicial Institute: Cautuon: Conflict ahead with Judge Arkin
  • 2018 CCDP: Children and Divorce: Some Things to Say and Not to Say
  • 2018 ACJC FCF State Conference: High Conflict Cases and Handling Vicarious Trauma
  • 2018 COAFCC North: Caught in the Web: Risk Management for Professionals Working in High Conflict Divorce with Chad Gillam Esq.
  • 2017 CCA State Conference: Caught in the Web: Risk Management for Therapists Working in High Conflict Divorce with Chad Gillam Esq.
  • 2017 MDIC: Caught in the Web: Risk Management for Professionals Working in High Conflict Divorce with Chad Gillam Esq.
  • 2016 DR Judicial Institute: Reunification Therapy with Barabara Shindell
  • 2016 DR Judicial Institute: Early Interventions with Judge Arkin Ret.
  • 2015 November MDIC: Trauma Interventions
  • 2015 DR Judicial Institute Facilitator, Panel Discussion, Split
  • 2014 DR Judicial Institute, Reunification Orders
  • 2013 DR Judicial Institute: Reunification Therapy with Dr. Fyfe, Dr, Cogan, Dr. Darr, B. Shindell
  • 2012 presentation to the 18th Judicial District on the Emotions of Divorce
  • 2012 CBA FLS August: Reunification Therapy with Dr. K. J. Darr
  • 2011 Regis University guest presenter in the LMFT training program
  • 2011 presentation at the State Judicial Clerk and FCF conference: the emotions of divorce
  • 2011 Family Law Section Update: Working with Changes to the CFI role
  • 2010 CBA FLS presentations, Emergency protection of children (on behalf of Judge Arkin) What’s broken and how to fix it, (on behalf of Judge Arkin)
  • 2009 Summit for Families and Children, Judicial Track
  • 2009 CBA FLS Early Neutral Assessment
  • 2008 and 2009 Parenting Tools for Dads through Families First
  • 2007 Alienation, Undermining and Obstruction
  • 2005 Learning About Kids and How to Parent Them
  • 2003 Douglas Bar Association – Using Graphics in the Courtroom
  • 2002 Parent Teen Communication for Face to Face and VORP
  • 2002 AFCC Annual Conference, Hawaii – Alienation, Undermining and Obstruction
  • 2001 Special Advocate Guidelines MDIC
  • 2001 Breckenridge Family Law Institute – Parental Alienation, and Mental Health Professionals as Special Advocates
  • 2000 Colorado CASA – The CASA as Special Advocate
  • 2000 Colorado CASA – The CASA as Special Advocate
  • 1999 DU Law School – Mediation
  • 1999 Colorado CASA – The CASA as Special Advocate
  • 1999 Arapahoe Advocates for Children – The CASA as Special Advocate
  • 1998 Special Advocacy
  • 1998 Parenting Time in Colorado
  • 1998 COLA Arts Mediation Service – Telephone Mediation
  • 1998 CCMO – Opportunities in Mediation
  • 1998 CASA – Its here, Mediation in D&N cases
  • 1997 Children’s Legal Clinic – Overview of Mediation
  • 1997 Children’s Legal Clinic – invited speaker, Negotiation Techniques – Traversing an Emotional Thicket
  • 1997 21st Annual Child Custody Conference – From Solo to Chorus, Giving Full Voice to the Needs of the Family and the Best Interests of the Child.
  • 1996 University of Denver guest speaker – The Phenomenon of Mediation
  • 1996 Mediation USA guest presenter in Santa Fe NM – Transformational or Settlement Model and Balancing Powers
  • 1996 Extreme Mediation presenter Mediation : Hobby or Business
  • 1996 Extreme Mediation presentation on The Fundamental Ingredients of an ADR Program
  • 1996 20th Annual Child Custody Conference – The Language of Divorce, an English Perspective
  • 1995 Vail Judicial Conference on Comparing Family Laws
  • 1995 University of Denver College of Law as guest speaker in Family Law
  • 1995 Boulder Interdisciplinary Committee On Child Custody – Comparing Family Laws Formal Education


Formal Education

  • University of Northern Colorado, Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling 2006 – 2010,  GPA 4.0 Honored for Clinical Strength, compassion and academic achievement.
  • Legal Training at the College of Law, Chester, England 1979 to 1981 (two post graduate qualifications) completed articles 1983, admitted to practice law 1983.
  • University of St. Andrews, Scotland  M.A. in English Language and Literature I – IV, Psychology I and II, (covering also Philosophy, History, Cultural Arts, Anglo-Saxon and Middle English). 1975 to 1979
  • Durham Girls Grammar School for 0 levels (10) A levels in English and History, S levels in English literature, Oral English:  Senior Awards for Creative Writing and the McLean Vase for highest standard of work maintained over 7 years.